Legacy Grixis Control – Deck Highlight


Legacy Grixis Control by ZioFrancone


Grixis Control has always been an archetype in Legacy since the days of Deathrite Shaman and even before that. ZioFrancone, Franco Cicchini, built a nice version of Legacy Grixis Control on his stream and even got a trophy with it.


Baleful StrixKolaghan's CommandHymn to Tourach

Baleful Strix and Snapcaster Mage are the cheap ways to get some two-for-one value while you keep the board clear with spot removal like Lightning Bolt and Fatal Push.

Seeing three copies of Kolaghan’s Command is definitely a nice throwback to when Legacy was way lower in power level. Back then, it could accommodate so many copies of this beautiful card, although nowadays it feels somewhat overcosted.

Another card that I haven’t seen in a long time is Hymn to Tourach, which is a nice and easy way to get a two-for-one, but it also suffers from Veil of Summer’s prominence tremendously.


Nicol Bolas, Dragon-GodJace, the Mind SculptorBlood Moon


The deck wins the game little by little, following up a two-for-one with another two-for-one until eventually you stick a planeswalker and run away with the game.

I love to see the inclusion of Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God, which is a super powerful card that never really got to shine in any format he was in.

Seeing one Blood Moon main and one in the sideboard is also weird, but it makes sense when looking at the mana base with two Islands and two Swamps, which are required to play around Wasteland as the deck has such high mana curve.

Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath is probably the best way to play control in Legacy right now, but if you’re tired of the powerful Titan and want to go back to good old Grixis Control, this is definitely the list for you.


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