Legacy Enchantress Makes the Top 8 Again!


Legacy Enchantress by SpatulaOfTheAges



SpatulaOfTheAges has been playing Enchantress for ages on Magic Online, and they once again made Top 8 on Sunday’s MTGO Challenge with their pet deck!

Sythis, Harvest's HandDevoted DruidSwift Reconfiguration

There’s been a few new entries since last time I checked. First is Paladin Class, which taxes the opponent during your turn, while being a cheap enchantment to draw cards with Argothian Enchantress, Sythis, Harvest’s Hand and Enchantress’s Presence.

Then there’s Gloomshrieker, an Eternal Witness for permanents that happens to be an enchantment, a perfect to fit the archetype.

However, the most important change to the deck is the infinite mana combo: you enchant Devoted Druid with Swift Reconfiguration and the Druid ceases to be a creature and becomes a Vehicle, so it can get infinite -1/-1 counters, while also giving you infinite mana.

Swift Reconfiguration also happens to be a very cheap removal spell for the early game threats, replacing On Thin Ice while also giving you that nice Infinite mana combo to then turn all your lands into creature with Destiny Spinner and attack for lethal.

Green Sun’s Zenith and Living Wish are your toolbox. The latter is especially good since it can grab anything from the sideboard, from a Serra’s Sanctum to an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn


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