Legacy Cephalid Breakfast is Finally Perfected


Legacy Cephalid Breakfast by Javier Dominguez



World Champion Javier Dominguez is a Cephalid Breakfast aficionado. He and his friend Makuto86 have perfected the archetype in Legacy, putting Makuto in the trophy lead for Legacy trophies and Javier in the Top 8 of Sunday’s Legacy Showcase Challenge.

Cephalid IllusionistNomads en-KorShuko

The deck can be classified as an Esper Stoneblade deck with plenty of interaction between Swords to Plowshares, Baleful Strix and Force of Will, as well as a combo deck that wins via milling your whole library targeting Cephalid Illusionist repeatedly with Nomads en-Kor or Shuko.

NarcomoebaDread ReturnThassa's Oracle

Once you milled your whole deck, winning is super easy; just put three Narcomoeba in play and Dread Return your Thassa’s Oracle for the win. I remember the days when Cephalid Breakfast used to win with Sutured Ghoul and Dragon Breath. Those days are now gone and Thassa’s Oracle has made everyone’s life easier!

Recruiter of the Guard is a great toolbox that’s able to tutor up your Cephalid Illusionist as well as Stoneforge Mystic to get Shuko, acting as glue for the deck.

Yorion, Sky Nomad is another nice addition to the deck that’s synergistic with your plentiful ETB effects, as well as being a blue pitch for Force of Will and a white pitch for Solitude!


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