Legacy Bant Yorion Midrange – Deck Highlight


Legacy Bant Yorion Midrange by Kihara_Works

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Every time you see a Yorion, Sky Nomad deck in Legacy or Modern, you know that something weird is happening. In today’s Deck Highlight, I’m taking a look at Kihara_Works’ Legacy Bant Yorion Midrange deck that went 4-0 in a Legacy Preliminary on MTGO.


Green Sun's ZenithKnight of the Reliquary (Timeshifted)Urza's SagaYorion, Sky Nomad

The reason why you want to go up to 80 cards isn’t just to be able to gain value from Yorion, Sky Nomad blinking Ice-Fang Coatl or Knight of Autumn, or to pitch Yorion to your Force of Will or Force of Negation, it’s also to be able to fit multiple toolbox engines with your tutor effect like Green Sun’s Zenith, Knight of the Reliquary and Urza’s Saga.

Fitting six colorless lands like Urza’s Saga and Wasteland in a deck with Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath and four colors isn’t an easy task, but thanks to the 33-land mana base, you’re able to do so and still be able to have a functional deck.

I love the fact that thanks to Yorion, players are starting to explore toying with their deck size a bit more, we’ve seen Cftsoc3 doing well with a Bant Ephemerate deck with 67 cards in main deck that needed to fit more tools for the Spellseeker and Green Sun’s Zenith plans.

We lived our whole lives thinking that 60 is the perfect number but maybe, in decks that don’t need to draw a key card to be functional, that’s not the case anymore. 



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