Legacy Azorius Artifacts – Deck Highlight


Legacy Azorius Artifacts by ALEXWEST


Last week, I made a Legacy video with an Affinity deck that won the Legacy Challenge during the first weekend of Modern Horizons 2 legality. However, I didn’t like the deck. It wasn’t attacking fast enough nor was it pulling off a prison strategy well enough, all while being very weak to sideboard hate like Null Rod and Collector Ouphe. However, this Azorius Artifacts list could do better.


Crucible of WorldsUrza, Lord High ArtificerMishra's Bauble

The previous Azorius Artifact deck I recorded with was trying to be more aggressive with Nettlecyst, Arcbound Ravager and Stonecoil Serpent. I like Alexwest’s approach instead, which got them second place in the most recent MTGO Legacy Challenge. Their list goes for a midrange plan with three copies of Emry, Lurker of the Loch and four copies of Urza, Lord High Artificer.

Mishra’s Bauble is another card that was lacking in the previous deck. However, it’s way too good with Thought Monitor and Mox Opal to be omitted from the list. 

Crucible of Worlds is a spicy inclusion that I didn’t catch at first glance. It’s not only good to buy back Urza’s Saga after the third chapter goes off, but remember that we’re playing in a format with Wasteland being one of the most popular cards that’s also a great card against this deck. Additionally, you’re milling yourself with Emry and Crucible of Worlds can help you hit your land drops with her.


Chalice of the Void (Timeshifted)Ethersworn CanonistEsper Sentinel

Adding Chalice of the Void is also an important improvement for this deck. Esper Sentinel and Ethersworn Canonist aren’t good enough prison effects, and despite this list having some one-drops you want to play, Chalice is a necessity if you want to be better against the various blue cantrip-based decks.

Together with Chalice of the Void, we also see Lotus Petal, another card that was lacking in the previous version of Affinity and that can give the deck more explosiveness, enabling more turn one Emrys or Chalices for one.

I’m happy to see Cavern of Souls in this deck, since almost every creature in the deck is a Human with the exception of Thought Monitor. You need to make your four-drop, Urza, uncounterable if you want it to resolve in a format where Daze and Force of Will are widely played.

In the sideboard, we see a nice toolbox of artifacts to improve Urza’s Saga selections as well as four Force of Will to bring in against combo decks.


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