King Under the Mountain – The New Squee in MTG Dominaria United

We’ve gotten to see a ton of Dominaria United so far (maybe more than intended), and with that comes the third iteration of everyone’s favorite Goblin, Squee. This is the most aggressive version we’ve seen so far, and has strong Goblin Rabblemaster vibes. Take a look at Squee, Dubious Monarch!



Squee, Dubious Monarch

The first thing that stands out to me is how much pressure Squee provides. For three mana, you immediately get a 2/2 plus a 1/1, both attacking, assuming they don’t have removal. Every subsequent attack comes with another 1/1, making Squee a fast clock without any sort of backup.

Goblin RabblemasterLegion Warboss

Goblin Rabblemaster and Legion Warboss both did a lot of good work, and even see Legacy play to this day. Squee is a little less punishing than either when it comes to raw damage output, but still adds up quickly. 12 damage over three turns is nothing to laugh at, despite Squee being comic relief most of the time he shows up.

Where it gets really spicy is when you look at Squee’s last ability. Being able to recur Squee (because what kind of Squee doesn’t come back from the dead?) is huge, and is exactly what aggressive decks are looking for. The combination of a strong threat for three mana and a way to combat flood/removal later is awesome, and the cost to bring back Squee isn’t high.

Besides fitting into aggro nicely, Squee also looks like a great option for midrange, and as a strong sideboard card for control. One thing I like is that Squee is a one-Goblin army – you can threaten to kill the opponent without any other backup, which doesn’t restrict it to just aggressive decks. Being resilient to removal is huge for decks that don’t play a ton of creatures, and providing as much value as Squee does makes it good even if attacking isn’t your primary focus.


The Reign of Squee

The pile of skulls around Squee’s throne (perhaps his own?) is a preview of what he’ll be collecting once Dominaria United comes out. Prepare to get attacked by Squee early and often, and make sure you have some exile removal to stop him from coming back.


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