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We’re no strangers to tribal decks here on EDH Showcase, but it’s not all that often that we see tribal decks based around abilities, rather than creature types. Today’s deck, however, is one such list, led by the brand-new Ognis, the Dragon’s Lash. Ognis wants you to play haste creatures, and a lot of them – and there are rich rewards for those willing to launch themselves into the red zone with abandon. 

This list, which comes from the very appropriately-monikered AngryHellKite, is chock-full of haste creatures, or ways to give non-hasty creatures haste. There are a couple of other tricks up its sleeve when it comes to Treasure tokens, too, so let’s have a look at what this deck is capable of!




Ognis Haste Tribal by AngryHellKite

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Editor’s note: Hanweir Battlements is omitted from the list due to a database error.

First and foremost, the creature suite. Many of the high-impact creatures in this list have haste, and will trigger Ognis without any extra help. From Loyal Apprentice to Molten Primordial, haste creatures are found at all points on the curve, and some of them even synergize with the Ognis’ Treasure subtheme, like Captain Lannery Storm and Goldspan Dragon. There also just some generically powerful cards that happen to have haste, like the classic Bloodbraid Elf and the bane of Modern, Ragavan

Fires of YavimayaZealous Conscripts (Timeshifted)Goldspan DragonBloodbraid Elf (Timeshifted)

But what about the creatures that don’t have haste? They’ll soon get it, don’t worry, with cards like Fires of Yavimaya, Rhythm of the Wild and Anger. There are also cards that give individual creatures haste, like Ogre Battledriver and Zealous Conscripts – and Conscripts has haste itself, to boot! Sarkhan Vol also gives the team haste, while Flameshadow Conjuring creates tokens with haste. There’s no shortage of hasty beaters!

XornAcademy ManufactorRevel in RichesMayhem Devil

But it doesn’t stop there: the Treasure subtheme I mentioned earlier has some sneaky support that can attack from a different angle. Xorn doubles your Treasure income, Academy Manufactor provides you with Food and Clues as well, while Revel in Riches can win games on its own if your hasty team can’t finish the job. Nadier’s Nightblade and Mayhem Devil also reward you for cashing in Treasures, while Dockside Chef and Reprocess can turn them into extra cards.

InsurrectionAggravated Assault

My favorite thing about this list, however, is what you can dump all the Treasure into. Insurrection is pretty nice (particularly as it gives all the creatures haste, so they all trigger Ognis), but the card that really caught my eye is Aggravated Assault. Assuming you attack with five hasty creatures, you can generate infinite combat steps by having Amulet of Vigor out – Ognis’ Treasures untap, and you can spend five of them on another combat! 

It’s great to see the new commanders from New Capenna already being taken out for a spin – if you’ve got a list with a New Capenna general, I’d love to see it. Send it through via a Twitter DM, and it might appear here next week!


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