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Giants are an extremely sweet tribe. They don’t get a huge amount of airtime, generally speaking, and apart from being prominently featured in Lorwyn and Kaldheim, they generally don’t headline too many sets. Over the years, however, enough powerful Giants have been printed to provide a critical mass for a tribal deck in EDH.

But which colors to choose? Blue-red offers Aegar, the Freezing Flame as a commander, and all the Giant synergies he brings, while white-red gives you Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas, perfect for any deck looking to play expensive spells. But why stop at two colors? Given that Giants span white, blue and red, I don’t think you should restrict yourself. Ruhan of the Fomori isn’t the most synergistic Giant commander, but getting to play all three colors makes up for it – and the designer of this deck, Slogan5, seems to agree. 




Giant Tribal by Slogan5

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One of the problems with any Giant deck is a real lack of early plays. There are a total of nine Giants that cost three or less that can be played in a Jeskai commander deck, and some of them are… not great. I don’t think anyone is excited to put Craven Giant into their deck. Instead, this deck goes hard on artifact-based ramp, playing all the Signets and plenty of other mana rocks besides – which makes a lot of sense, given the average mana value of the deck is approaching four. 

FervorDolmen GateTectonic GiantCalamity Bearer

Other support cards help you fill the early turns: Fervor to give your giants haste, Dolmen Gate to keep them safe on attacks, Tome of Legends to draw cards. But the fun really begins when you start to hit the higher spots on the curve, move past the four-drops like Tectonic Giant and Calamity Bearer, and start to get into the huge threats at the top end of town. 

Inferno TitanFrost TitanSun Titan

It’s no secret that the titans are absurdly powerful cards, and that’s where this deck starts. Inferno, Frost and of course Sun Titan are all here, flanked by other cards that actually offer surprisingly strong interaction. Cyclone Summoner is essentially a 7/7 Cyclonic Rift, bouncing opposing boards while leaving your own around, Kalemne’s Captain can remove all artifacts and enchantments, and – ridiculously – you get to play two creature-based Plague Winds, with both Realm-Cloaked Giant and Thundercloud Shaman sweeping opposing boards without killing any of your own giants. And that’s in addition to Battle of Frost and Fire!

Sunrise Sovereign

Hilariously, this tribe’s lord is a six-drop, which isn’t usually the case with decks like these. Sunrise Sovereign gives the team +2/+2 and trample, a truly ridiculous bonus, and will make your already massive creatures even bigger. I do think that this deck might want cards like Adaptive Automaton and Metallic Mimic, however, both as early “Giant” plays as well as offering more lord effects. 

We love a weird creature deck here on EDH Showcase, and this is a classic. Giants are an underappreciated tribe in Magic, but this list goes a long way in showing there are some extremely cool – and extremely powerful – tribal synergies when it comes to giants!


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