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Ghyrson Starn, Kelermorph is without a doubt one of the sweetest new commanders to be printed in the new Warhammmer 40k set. As I’ve said before, I love it when a card comes with clear instructions as to what to do with it, and with Ghyrson, it couldn’t be clearer: deal one damage to stuff. What’s the best way to consistently and repeatedly deal one damage to stuff? With pingers. 

Ghyrson Starn, Kelermorph

I’m not the only one who thinks so, either: pinkelman42 has already built a pingers deck with Ghyrson as its commander, ready to turn Prodigal Pyromancer into a repeatable source of Lightning Bolts. There are so many pingers that have been printed over the years, and they’re about to be embiggened like never before once Ghyrson has had something to say about it!



Ghyrson Starn Pingers by pinkelman42

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First things first: the pingers themselves. From Razorfin Hunter to Prodigal Sorcerer to Wojek Embermage, pingers fill the two, three and four-drop slots in this deck. They make up the core of this list, a deck built around creatures that tap to deal one damage to something. Ghyrson triples that damage, of course, and once Curiosity gets added to the mix, cards like Thermo-Alchemist turn into cards that tap to cast three Lava Spikes and an Ancestral Recall while doing so. 

Basilisk CollarMass DiminishDismiss into DreamWillbreaker

But even without Ghyrson out on the battlefield, these pingers can still be put to good use. Even the lowliest pinger becomes a deadly threat with a Basilisk Collar attached to it, or after you’ve cast a Mass Diminish. Spiciest of all, in this regard, is the seven-mana Dismiss into Dream, which effectively turns all of your pingers into Avatar of Woe. Or, if you prefer, cards like Willbreaker and Charisma have you steal the creatures, rather than kill them!

Flame JabLightning BoltGrapeshotFiery Emancipation

Ghyrson’s ability doesn’t stop at pingers, however. It can turn Cinderclasm into Anger of the Gods, or have Flame Jab turn each excess land you draw into a Lightning Bolt. It triples the damage output of Grapeshot, greatly reducing the number of spells you’ll need to make it lethal, and when you combine Ghyrson with Fiery Emancipation… holy moly, you’ll be dealing so much damage you won’t know what to do. Nine damage from each pinger activation? Ridiculous. 

Breaking WaveDramatic ReversalRetreat to Coralhelm

I think this deck could do with a few more untap effects, like the Breaking Wave already included. Dramatic Reversal, perhaps, or Retreat to Coralhelm and a few cheap fetchlands like Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse. Also – and maybe this is just me – but 30 lands isn’t enough, and I’d be worried about missing land drops – especially when playing all three Niv-Mizzets!

Overall, though, this deck shows what Ghyrson is going to be capable of as a commander, and makes me very excited about pinger decks becoming more powerful than ever before. Who doesn’t want to play a three-mana 1/1 that taps to cast Lightning Bolt?


2 thoughts on “Izzet Pingers with Ghyrson Starn! – MTG Commander Showcase”

  1. Wouldn’t Fiery Emancipation cancel out the 1 damage clause and nullifying the resulting trigger from Ghyrson? Granted without him on the battlefield this works with the pingers but I’m not sure he’ll trigger as a result (unless I’m completely wrong here)…

  2. Yes, Mike, it doesn’t work. Like Curiosity doesn’t work like Riley think. First, it’s not the enchanted creature that deals 3 damages, but Ghyrson that deals 2 additional damages. Even so, it draws a card every time the enchanted creature deals damage, not 1 card for every point of damage…

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