Is Ultimatum Dead? – Standard Sultai Ultimatum – Deck Highlight


Standard Sultai Ultimatum by Alexander Rosdahl

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I’ve heard rumors about Sultai Ultimatum being a dead deck in the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms metagame. The deck certainly isn’t as well positioned now that the green and red decks have the new creaturelands, but I think that Alexander Rosdahl’s recent 12-0 run in an SCG 5k will show you that Sultai is far from dead.


Shadows' VerdictExtinction Event

Den of the Bugbear and Lair of the Hydra are indeed a big problem for Sultai, as you can’t really rely on sweepers as much anymore. You can kill their board with Shadows’ Verdict or Extinction Event, but they can simply untap and smash you with Lair for five. On the other hand, you can just add a lot more removal to Sultai instead of cards like Mystical Dispute and that should help you a lot in the creature matchups.


Heartless ActPower Word Kill

Given that Gruul, Naya and Winota are the three most popular decks at the moment, I can fully recommend this playset of Heartless Acts and Power Word Kills. I’m not convinced that PWK is better than having a few Eliminates, but spot removal does seem very good at the moment.


Wolfwillow Haven

What does strike me as odd is zero copies of Wolfwillow Haven. Sultai is a deck that greatly benefits from ramping and Haven into Cultivate into a sweeper and then Emergent Ultimatum on turn five is almost unbeatable. Cutting Haven means you’ll have a lot less relevant turn two plays. 

Still, 12-0 in a big tournament is an excellent record, so I will give this list a try in my next video and see how it plays out. I believe Sultai can be tuned to perform well against the creature decks, it’s just a matter of finding the right configuration.


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