Is This Explorer’s Best Deck? Explorer Winota


Explorer Winota by Robert Taylor




This Explorer Winota list from Robert Taylor is probably the most popular deck in the format’s Best-of-One queues at the moment and for a good reason. This deck is as explosive as it gets and can lock you out of the game on turn three pretty easily.

Llanowar ElvesGilded GooseProsperous InnkeeperWinota, Joiner of Forces

The goal is to start the game with a mana creature like Llanowar Elves or Gilded Goose, follow that up with Prosperous Innkeeper or one of the three-drops that enter the battlefield with a free token and drop Winota, Joiner of Forces on turn three.

Agent of TreacheryTovolar's Huntmaster // Tovolar's PackleaderBlade Historian

When you have Winota in play, any attacking non-Human will get you a “spin the wheel” trigger, where you get to look at the top six cards of your deck and put an attacking Human into play that’s indestructible until the end of turn. Ideally, the Humans you get from these Winota triggers are multiple Agents of Treachery, which can either steal your opponents blockers or lands, depending on their board position. Stealing their lands usually locks them out of playing sweepers next turn, while taking their blockers often allows you to swing for lethal. 

Tovolar’s Huntmaster is the second best Winota hit in this deck, and there are many other creatures you can use instead like Blade Historian

The golden rule with this deck is to mulligan very aggressively. You need to accept that your average starting hand size is probably going to be six cards, perhaps even slightly below that. It’s better to go to five cards and try to find a mana dork, three lands and Winota than to keep a six or seven-card hand without it. 


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