Is Shore Up the New MTG Modern Izzet Murktide Tech?

Since the printing of Ledger Shredder, Modern Murktide players have been incredibly divided as to what the best choices for their flex spots are and what the optimal split is of their powerful creatures. Dominaria United has muddied these murky waters even further with the printing of another interesting option for Murktide, an unassuming combat trick called Shore Up.



Shore Up

I’ve been toying with the idea of playing a protection spell like this in the 75 of Murktide for a while, wanting the ability to protect my creatures from tricky cards like Solitude, Otawara, Soaring City and Aether Spellbomb. Shore Up, however, is a big upgrade to other existing options like Dive Down, as the ability to untap your creature can allow you to attack with a threat and then potentially untap it to eat an attacking creature. Giving +1/+1 also helps your Murktide Regents defeat your opponent’s Regents, and is hard for your opponent to avoid since the trick will win combat on offense or defense, even if your Regent starts the turn tapped.  

SolitudeOtawara, Soaring CityAether Spellbomb

I believe that the first copy of Shore Up in the main deck of Murktide is currently an excellent option to surprise opponents and steal games, and I would recommend adjusting that number on the amount of Solitudes in the format. 

It’s also worth noting that narrow answers like Shore Up and Spell Pierce have less of a downside in a deck with Ledger Shredder that can connive them away. 


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  1. The untap effect is nice, but why isn’t something like Starlit Mantle better for the deck plan at the same CMC? Permanent +1/+1 and it’s something you can pitch to Shredder or DRC to hit your missing card type for a Delirium enabled Heat when you’re under pressure seems maybe not terrible.

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