Is Minion of the Mighty the One-Drop We Need?

Is Minion of the Mighty finally the good one-drop that red so desperately needs in Standard?!

Long story short – no. 


At this moment we’re stuck with Hall Monitor and Fireblade Charger and apparently it’s not getting any better. Having an “if you attacked with creatures with total power 6 or greater” ability on your zero-power creature is the definition of a “win more” thing. If you’re already attacking with a bunch of creatures that combine for six power, then you’re doing pretty well and you don’t need to build your deck around this kind of attack enabling something extra for you. Standard and Historic red decks need one-drops that attack for two – cards like Goblin Guide and Zurgo Bellstriker

But hear me out. 

If your goal isn’t to build a Tier 1 deck or perhaps you’re just trying to brew with some of the new cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, then you can build a cool deck around Minion of the Mighty.


Terror of Mount Velus

Your goal will be to pump its power to six, attack and use the trigger to put Terror of Mount Velus into play, attacking. Now you have a six-power Minion and a five-power Dragon and they both have double strike. The Minion has menace and the Dragon has flying, so they’ll be pretty hard to block, not to mention that you’re doing this on turn two!

How? Just use double Infuriate on the Minion and that’s it. Turn 2 kill in Standard!



Obviously it’s not going to be the most consistent combo and seven-mana Dragons also normally don’t really fit into a deck with red one-drops and pump spells, but who knows, maybe the new set has some more cards that can support it.


If you want to go wide with tokens and pumping them, then I can see a deck with cards like You See a Pair of Goblins, Battle Cry Goblin and Zariel, Archduke of Averus. 

You See a Pair of Goblins works nicely as both a “payoff card” (+2/+0 to all) and an “enabler” (make two Goblins) and Zariel should be a really strong way to top off your curve. 

With what has been spoiled so far, this deck doesn’t look like it can be top tier, but who knows what the format is going to look like after all the busted cards from Throne of Eldraine rotate and things become more fair. 


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