Is Jeskai Murktide Better Than Izzet? – Deck Highlight


Modern Jeskai Murktide by Cameron Sullivan



Izzet Murktide is one of the best decks in Modern and this past Saturday, the deck dominated the MTGO Challenge with three copies in the Top 8. The deck I’m focusing on today though, Jeskai Murktide, is a small variation on the archetype. It comes from Milan Bhayana, who Top 8’d a MTGO PTQ the weekend prior with it and was played my Cameron Sullivan all the way up to Top 8 of the SCG Invitational last weekend.


This list is using Prismatic Ending over the flex slot of Engineered Explosives as well as Archmage’s Charm and two Lightning Bolts as additional removal spells in order to catch more difficult threats to answer like Sigarda’s Aid, Colossus Hammer or Rhino tokens from Crashing Footfalls.

The white splash lets you play Wear // Tear in the sideboard over Abrade in order to have a better answer against Hammertime. Being able to kill both Urza’s Saga and any artifact is a very strong draw to splashing a third color for both Izzet Murktide and Azorius Control.

Another innovation has come with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt as well – using Consider over Thought Scour.

While you’re putting less cards in your graveyard, you’re getting higher quality card selection, and you can finally stop targeting your opponent with Thought Scour whenever you had Dragon’s Rage Channeler in play and didn’t want to just fill your graveyard but were actually looking for some card selection.

I think Consider is a small improvement to Thought Scour and I’m happy to see that players have adopted this change.



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