Is Jacob Hauken the Card Standard UW Control Needs?

Standard UW Control by Andrea Mengucci




Jacob Hauken, Inspector is a unique and fascinating card. It reminds me of a mix between Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy and Arcane Artisan, which definitely got my attention.


You can exploit Jacob Hauken with MDFCs from Zendikar Rising like Emeria’s Call and Sea Gate Restoration, being able to discard a “land” to its ability and then being able to cast the seven-drop for free the turn you deicide to flip Jacob into Hauken’s Insight.

Of course, the 4UU mana to spend is a steep cost to pay, although you’ll get your mana back immediately by casting a seven-mana card for free the following turn whether it’s a spell-land or a Mascot Exhibition.


If Jacob dies and you play a new one, you won’t get the cards you exiled with the previous one. With this in mind, it might be important to play Jacob the same turn you can protect it with a Wash Away or a Divide by Zero on turn five, so you can immediately flip it on turn six and be able to play your card for free the following turn. From then on, get your extra card every turn.


The rest of the deck is a UW Control deck that uses Doomskar and the new removal spells of Circle of Confinement and Valorous Stance to control the board while having counterspells and card draw to go over the opponent.

Divide by Zero and Professor of Symbology will aim for Mascot Exhibition almost always so they’re ready to be played for free off of a Hauken’s Insight! All in all, this deck looks exciting and I’ll be interested in trying it once Crimson Vow drops.


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