Is Izzet Turns Back in Standard?

While I was streaming yesterday and testing out UW Control shells in Standard, I ran into a new take of Izzet Turns powered by Invoke Calamity. After a smooth Game 1 win, sure of victory, you could already hear me talking trash about the red instant out of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Game 2 was a different story though and I found myself defeated and reminded in a lesson of humility. What happened?

Galvanic IterationInvoke CalamityAlchemist's GambitCrackle with Power

In typical Izzet Turns fashion, they overwhelmed my control deck with Galvanic Iteration and Unexpected Windfall, and later Galvanic Iteration and Invoke Calamity. I didn’t have enough mana or counterspells to keep up. Soon after, I saw myself losing to the Alchemist’s Gambit into copying Crackle with Power three times to deal me a bazillion damage.

I later found out via Twitter that the deck was by none other than Elliot Boussaud aka Elliot_dragon on Twitch, who’s crazy (and good) Naya Velomachus Ramp deck I presented to you a couple weeks ago.




Standard Izzet Turns by Elliot Boussaud


The centerpiece is Unexpected Windfall. With the instant on turn four, you can follow up either with Goldspan Dragon or Invoke Calamity to explode your mana to copy Alchemist’s Gambit later on. This deck has a boring way and a fun way to win games. You play Goldspan Dragon plus copied Time Walks to get the job done or you make a ton of mana and dig through your deck to find your one copy of Crackle with Power to deal your opponent an exuberant amount of damage. I think you can tell which of the two is more fun.

It’s still early in Kamigawa Standard, so the metagame needs to be established and the decks shaped for it, but if you’re looking for some fun and to go over the top of the Orzhov Midrange decks, this is your list to try!


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