Is Control Viable? Standard Azorius Control – Deck Highlight


Standard Azorius Control by PillowFortMTG


When I think white in Standard, I immediately think about Mono-White Aggro. However, white also has a lot of anti-creature tools, namely Doomskar and Fateful Absence. Is there a good white or Azorius control deck out there? 

PillowFortMTG took this Azorius Control list to a top 8 finish in a Magic Online Standard Super Qualifier, which is a respectable result, especially for a rogue deck. 


Looks like Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset finally found a good home in this pretty typical control deck with a mix of counters, removal and card draw. 

I really like that Strixhaven Stadium is not only a mana rock that helps you cast the expensive cards, but also gives you another angle of attack. Thanks to Teferi untapping it, you can actually accumulate the counters pretty quickly and then all you need is one attack with an Epiphany token or one of the creature lands to seal the deal.


I’m a bit skeptical of playing a full playset of Fateful Absence in a control deck where the games usually drag on, which gives the opponent time to get their card. Fateful Absence is at its best in a deck like Mono-White, where the game usually ends before they can invest two mana into cracking the Clue. 

Similarly, Doomskar can be a big improvement over Burn Down the House against a deck like Mono-White where you’ll be able to cast it on turn three and, thanks to foretell, they won’t even be able to exile it with Elite Spellbinder. At the same time though, if you expect a lot of Wrenn and Seven, leaving a planeswalker behind can be very annoying.

If I was going to make some changes, I would probably add the fourth Jwari Disruption and look to replace a couple copies of Fateful Absence with a different removal spell.

Overall though, the deck looks pretty reasonable to me, so if you are looking for something off-meta that isn’t Grixis, Temur or Mono-White, you can definitely give it a try.


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