Introducing ChannelFireball’s New Team: You Name the Team!

Some very exciting news was announced last night during the GP Sacramento coverage.

Going forward, we will no longer be Team StarCityGames. We are thrilled to announce that ChannelFireball will be our exclusive sponsor for the 2014 Pro Tour Season, beginning with Pro Tour Born of the Gods in Valencia next month.

ChannelFireball is one of the most reputable names in Magic. Not only do they sponsor many of the best players in the game, but they provide top-notch free content that can help players at any level improve their game. CFB President Jon Saso has a great vision for the future of both Magic teams and Magic content, and we are excited to be a part of it.

While ChannelFireball will be sponsoring us, this does not mean we will be merging with Team ChannelFireball. Our rivalry over the last year has been a lot of fun for both sides, and we expect it to intensify even more now that we are together under the same sponsor.

Roster for PT Born of the Gods:


We are also now in search of a new name. As there already is a Team ChannelFireball, we want to come up with our own identity. Tweet your ideas using hashtag #NameOurTeam, or post them on the thread on the ChannelFireball Facebook page. We will pick our favorite sometime in the next two weeks.

Finally, starting in the coming weeks, you will find articles and videos by many of us at ChannelFireball.com. Reid Duke, William “Huey” Jensen, Tom Martell, and Matt Costa will join Owen Turtenwald in providing regular content. Jon Finkel and Zvi Mowshowitz will join Paul Rietzl in providing semi-regular content and tournament reports following the Pro Tours in 2014. You can also look forward to seeing some of your other favorite names from our team appearing as guest authors on ChannelFireball in the coming months.

You will continue to find great content by Patrick Chapin, Sam Black, and Brad Nelson on StarCityGames.

Here is to a great 2014 season!

Team [TBD]

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