Inquisitor Captain is Broken – Historic Bant Yorion

Historic Bant Yorion by Jose Lopez

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There are many ways to build a Bant value deck in Alchemy, but I encountered a particularly cool Historic Bant Yorion list via Jose Lopez (@Metallix87) on Twitter. 

Jose writes: “Undefeated to Mythic #172 with Yorion Blink in Historic. More and more I keep thinking that Grizzled Huntmaster and Inquisitor Captain are just completely mega cracked!” Let’s dig into the deck and Jose’s commentary on it.

Inquisitor Captain asks that you construct your deck with 20 creatures that cost three or less mana. I recommend targeting 24 or more, since creatures on the battlefield and in exile aren’t counted. 

Once you’re there, you have a powerful creature. You seek two creatures with mana value three or less, and get your pick of the better one. This gives Inquisitor Captain the feel of a Ranger or Ranger-Captain of Eos, with the main difference being that you can grab creatures of mana cost two or three, which will typically be significantly more powerful at that point in the game. 

Grizzled Huntmaster is a perfect pairing with Inquisitor Captain because it’s a three-drop creature that helps you achieve critical mass for Inquisitor, while also giving you access to a variety of powerful, expensive creatures from your sideboard. For example, the featured deck list includes Shifting Ceratops, Koma, Cosmos Serpent and of course, the fourth copy of Inquisitor Captain and the Yorion, Sky Nomad companion.

Yorion, Sky Nomad

Playing with Yorion makes it a cinch to get enough creatures for Inquisitor Captain. The featured deck list has a whopping 36 which cost three or less mana! Many also have enters-the-battlefield abilities as well. This means that Yorion is not just a late-game mana sink, but is actually a haymaker that should typically lead to a win when it resolves. 

Past that, this is a midrange creature deck which generates value from both Inquisitor Captain and Collected Company, while also accessing silver bullets via Neoform and Grizzled Huntmaster. You can assemble winning combinations involving Ephemerate and Charming Prince blinking whatever creature is best under the given circumstances. 

This seems to be a well rounded deck with a lot of good qualities. It comes out fast, but generates value every step of the way, and has a ton of staying power. It has card selection and a variety of options which let you handle whatever comes your way, and take the game in whatever direction you want it to go. I recommend giving it a try in either Best-of-One or Best-of-Three. 


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