Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Legacy Set Review

Welcome to my Legacy Set Review! Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is upon us. While I love this set, both in terms of flavor (as a callback to the original) and overall think the set looks very fun, this set is largely a miss for Legacy. In many ways, this feels like a more old school approach to sets for Legacy: there are some niche playables and some sideboard cards, but largely the format will move on without it. While I have mentioned that I generally prefer the increased power level of sets like Modern Horizons 2, we’re still living in the wake of MH2, so having a few sets that tone down the power is probably a good thing for the format. Additionally, my stance on increase power levels is not shared by all, so I think this is probably a hit for many Legacy players.

That being said, this set doesn’t have zero playables, and there certainly are some interesting cards. I’ll go over every card I think has a chance to break into Legacy, but try not to compare it too much to the Modern Horizons 2 set review a few months back (I had a few more words to say about those cards).

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.



Adeline, Resplendent Cathar

The fact that this triggers when you attack with any creature makes it a lot more desirable, seeing as you can curve into this and immediately get some value. We’ve seen cards like this have success in mono-red decks and the white stompy decks have a lot of similarities there. A 1/1 isn’t the most impressive payoff, though, so in the context of present-day Legacy this might not have enough power, but it’s something to keep in mind, especially in a deck with Stoneforge Mystic, so I could see a white stompy deck wanting to adopt this..

Brutal Cathar

Were it not for Skyclave Apparition I’m sure this would see some play. As it stands, it might not have the versatility/power that Apparition has so I think it will stay on the sidelines, even if the prospect of transforming it back and forth is tempting.

Curse of Silence

While it’s nice that this has a failsafe mode of cantripping, you do not want your combo hate card to provide your opponents an escape hatch, so I don’t think this really does anything, especially when compared to cards like Deafening Silence.

Fateful Absence

The removal in this set is pretty incredible, and while Prismatic Ending has mostly filled that role for white decks, having more options is always a great thing for Legacy. I think the biggest problem for this card is that the role is mostly being filled by Ending in two to four-color decks and Apparition in Death and Taxes, which makes Fateful Absence a bit unnecessary these days (it would have been clutch when Oko or Wrenn and Six were legal).

Header - Blue


Since this is the Brainstorm/Ponder format, Consider doesn’t add that much to Legacy. However, it helps facilitate some Doomsday piles and will certainly see play there, likely alongside Deep Analysis and Unearth.

Poppet Stitcher

This has a lot of text that is somewhat appealing, but when compared to similar cards that are already in the format, it doesn’t really have the same impact, so I don’t think this will break into Legacy.


Header - Black

Gorex, the Tombshell

This is a card from the Commander product and it’s definitely a card that has some potential in Legacy. Delving away creatures rather than spells makes it quite a bit worse than Ethereal Forager would be in Delver (and, of course, Murktide Regent exists). In a deck with a lot of creatures, like Hogaak or Madness, a two-mana, 4/4 deathtouch is a pretty real body, so I think this has a shot in the right shell.

Champion of the Perished

Zombie decks aren’t really a thing in Legacy, but we’ve seen the white alternative to this make a serious impact in Humans, so I could see this being a start to a potent tribal deck. Cryptbreaker is already a really powerful card, so I don’t think it will take too much to at least make this viable.

Infernal Grasp

Just like Fateful Absence, having this in the format is a good thing, even if it doesn’t necessarily serve a specific purpose at the moment.

Jerren, Corrupted Bishop

This should be evaluated entirely as the front half and I think it’s pretty interesting in Humans. It provides a pretty substantial amount of value on the board and gives you a fair amount of insurance against removal spells. It is a pretty vulnerable body, but even just getting a 1/1 or two seems pretty good in a deck with Thalia’s Lieutenant.


Header - Red

Cathartic Pyre

There are definitely decks in Legacy that would want a bad Faithless Looting/Lightning Bolt split card. Madness immediately comes to mind as the number one deck that this seems good in but it could potentially be a solid sideboard card for a deck like Dredge, even if it is a bit slow.

Raze the Effigy

Smelt with a slight upside is a nice option to have, even if it mostly won’t get there (Smelt doesn’t kill Chalice of the Void, which is a huge knock against it).


Header - Green

Augur of Autumn

This effect is definitely tempting and we’ve seen this effect be relevant before (in the form of Courser of Kruphix). Three toughness is really tough in the Lightning Bolt format, though, so I don’t think Augur is likely to make it, but with Green Sun’s Zenith in the format it’s good to keep in mind.

Outland Liberator

This is a solid addition to the format for decks that would want Qasali Pridemage. It’s a Human, which makes it more relevant in tribal decks, and it has a meaningful transform ability. I expect to see this show up in any Green Sun’s Zenith deck as a potent option and probably in the sideboard of Humans in larger numbers.

Willow Geist

This is cheap enough that it’s certainly worth thinking about. It works well with Hogaak, since delving removes the cards and that deck is primarily full of creatures. The life gain is a nice rider text, but mostly the thing to consider is whether you can make this card into a relevant threat early, which doesn’t seem too unlikely.

Wrenn and Seven

I at least need to mention this considering that Wrenn and Six was had such an impact on the format. This will not have the same impact (thank god), but I could actually see a deck like Lands picking it up in the sideboard to fight against slower control decks.


Header - Multicolor

Croaking Counterpart

I think this card has some potential (and I’m not just saying that just because the art rules). It can copy any creature, not just your own, and there are some creatures in the format worth copying (namely Griselbrand) which make this interesting. I largely don’t think it will get there, but still, I think this card has a chance.

Dennick, Pious Apprentice

While it’s not the best graveyard hate card in the format, it’s another option for Azorius decks, and there are certainly decks in the format that would have trouble beating this on board.

Rite of Harmony

Beck // Call was already a legal card in Legacy and this isn’t really much of an upgrade, so I don’t think it will be adding anything special to the format.

Slogurk, the Overslime

This card seems pretty reasonable. At worst, it’s a 3/3 that dies in to a Life from the Loam, which is not bad. If you’re able to get any counters on it, it both becomes more reliable at functioning as a Loam, but also turns into a meaningful threat. I don’t know if the fact that this needs to die to act as a Loam (or otherwise needs some work) makes it too slow and unreliable, but I would not be surprised to see this show up.

Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset

If your name is Marcus Ewaldh and you’re looking to power up your Stasis deck, this is the card for you.


Header - Artifacts and Lands


This is not a horrible graveyard hate card and with Urza’s Saga in the format. This is a solid card to have access to (even if it is mostly worse than Soul-Guide Lantern). I would actually expect Lands to want to adopt this as a sideboard card, since they have the chance of milling it over and then can use it to fix their mana, which seems somewhat relevant in that deck.



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