Infinite Mill Combo with Modern UR Grinding Breach


Modern UR Grinding Station Breach by Jihhywiggy


Modern is a format full of obscure deck experts. Players who find or innovate an archetype and spend months or years tuning and mastering their deck in an ever evolving metagame. One of these players is MTGO user Jihhywiggy who is a master of the Grinding Breach deck and recently took this list to a top eight finish in a Modern challenge.

Mishra's BaubleGrinding StationUnderworld Breach

Grinding Breach prides itself as being a powerful two-card combo deck that gets to play some of the best cards in the format like Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Dragon’s Rage Channeler, Expressive Iteration and Urza’s Saga. To combo off, you’ll need to resolve both Grinding Station and Underworld Breach, and find a zero-mana artifact to sacrifice to Grinding Station. You can sacrifice this zero-mana artifact and mill yourself three cards, which will give you the three cards you need to escape the artifact again and again. This loop will allow you to mill your entire deck, and once you’ve done this, you can escape Thassa’s Oracle for the win. 

This deck is unfortunately quite vulnerable to interaction since it’s soft to graveyard hate, artifact hate, creature removal, counterspells and discard spells. Make sure you have a plan to play through opposing hate when piloting the deck.


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