Hydra Tribal with Gargos, Vicious Watcher – MTG Commander Showcase

Hydras are the marquee green creature type, and there have been some colossally powerful examples printed over the years. With Gargos, Vicious Watcher offering an absurd discount on Hydra spells and a useful removal effect – rare in mono-green! – he’s the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to get the most out of this tribe. 

Today’s deck, designed by BLUETHUNDER, is a cut-and-dried mono-green Hydra list, without too many tricks or turns. It’s a deck that looks to play big Hydras, grow them even bigger, use them to manage the battlefield and ultimately start stomping on opposing life totals. A tried-and-true mono-green strategy – let’s have a look at the list!




Hydra Tribal by BLUETHUNDER

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Ramp is important in any commander deck, but it’s of particular significance in this list given how critical Gargos is to the development of a big Hydra board. Offering a staggering four mana off the casting cost of all your Hydras, it’s your number one priority to land your commander as quickly as possible to as to reap the benefits of this absurd cost reduction. Everything from Rampant Growth to Emerald Medallion to Skyshroud Claim is going to get you there – you gotta get Gargos out!

Ulvenwald HydraOran-Rief HydraHydra OmnivoreHungering Hydra

Once you do, however, oh my goodness. If you untap with Gargos and six Forests, you can then cast Ulvenwald Hydra, Oran-Rief Hydra and Hydra Omnivore in one go – and that’s without playing a land! A four-mana discount is truly, utterly absurd, and makes all the Hydras with X in their casting cost even more powerful than before. For one mana, you can have a 4/4 Hungering Hydra. A one-mana 4/4, with upside!

Solidarity of HeroesBranching EvolutionInspiring CallThe Ozolith

Of course, most of the Hydras in this list use +1/+1 counters, and this deck has a lot of ways to exploit these counters in different ways. The most obvious, of course, is to put more counters on all your Hydras through cards like Solidarity of Heroes or Branching Evolution. But it goes further than that: you can draw a ton of cards with Inspiring Call, or make sure those counters don’t go to waste with The Ozolith

Snakeskin VeilBlossoming DefenseTamiyo's Safekeeping

Finally, mono-green decks don’t often get good removal, but Gargos does something to change that. Using cheap cards such as Snakeskin Veil, Blossoming Defense and Tamiyo’s Safekeeping, you can not only protect your Hydras from removal, but also have Gargos pick off smaller creatures. As most creatures are going to be smaller than an 8/7, I’d say that’s as close as green is going to get to one-mana Doom Blades!

It might not have all that many tricks up its sleeve, it might not play a flashy, instant-speed game, but this Hydra deck packs a real punch and is a lot less one-dimensional than you might think, especially for a mono-green list. Combining big creatures, ways to make them bigger and some pretty effective interaction, this Hydra deck is ready to unleash a lot of pain on your opponents!


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