Hullbreacher + Day’s Undoing = GG – Legacy Karn Echoes


Legacy Karn Echoes by GHash77



This deck is a dream for Vintage Cube players. The only goal of the deck is to cast a Timetwister (Day’s Undoing, Echo of Eons, Commit // Memory) while having a prison effect like Hullbreacher or Narset, Parter of Veils in play so that you get your sweet seven cards while the opponents draws one or zero.

This has been a common deck strategy for a while now in Legacy, and the highlighted list that GHash77 piloted to a Top4 Legacy Challenge features a tiny green splash thanks to Lotus Petal and Mox Opal for Carpet of Flowers and Choke to gain a big edge against blue decks.

Saprazzan SkerryHullbreacherDay's UndoingKarn, the Great Creator

While this is a mono-blue deck, it gets to play four copies of Choke thanks to its innovative mana base of four Saprazzan Skerry and four Hickory Woodlot, two lands that aren’t very used in Legacy that act like two-shot Ancient Tombs, making you ramp up quickly to a Karn, the Great Creator or a Hullbreacher and Day’s Undoing turn.

Otawara, Soaring City is another fancy way to dodge the Island clause, as you’ll get to play this “Island” that’s able to bounce annoying permanents like a Chalice of the Void on zero or a Narset, Parter of Veils on the wrong side of the table.


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