How to Use Neon Dynasty’s Boseiju, Who Endures in Modern

There are lots of new exciting additions to Modern in Neon Dynasty, and one of the most exciting (and definitely the most hyped) is Boseiju, Who Endures.

Boseiju, Who Endures

Boseiju and the other legendary channel lands in Kamigawa are new additions to the very short list of “better basic lands” – lands that enter untapped unconditionally, tap for a color of mana like a basic land and also have some upside.



Shinka, the Bloodsoaked KeepShizo, Death's StorehouseKarakasMinamo, School at Water's Edge

These lands have always seen a solid amount of play in the formats they’re legal in for the simple reason that the opportunity cost of running the first copy is incredibly low. With next to no downside, the first copy of these cards will give you some extra resilience to mana flood, which in turn will increase your overall match win percentage. 

Boseiju promises to be one of the best of these types of lands ever printed with lots of implications in the Modern format. That’s not to say that I think Boseiju will warp the format drastically, I expect most decks that run it to only play one copy (potentially as a tutor target). 

Blood MoonAlpine MoonDamping Sphere

That being said, Boseiju is an exciting option for both Tron and Titan as a tutorable answer to problematic hate pieces like Blood Moon, Alpine Moon and Damping Sphere. It’s a really big deal for these big mana decks that they have access to an uncounterable answer to game one Blood Moon for the low low cost of playing a Boseiju over a basic Forest. Time will tell if this addition means that players will look to cards like Obsidian Charmaw or Break the Ice as sideboard hate for Tron and Titan instead of the more common lock pieces. 

Wrenn and SixTraverse the Ulvenwald

I do also expect Jund Saga and potentially Four-Color Omnath to play one copy of Boseiju with the potential to recur it with Wrenn and Six. On the other hand, I don’t think this interaction will be particularly relevant against most matchups, but will give players some extra percentage points versus decks like Hammer Time, Belcher and Tron. I do think that there’s also a chance that Jund tries playing Traverse the Ulvenwald as a tutor for its various creatures, Urza’s Saga and Boseiju (which I’m very much looking forward to testing).


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