How to Maximize the New Bant Charm, Brokers Charm

Streets of New Capenna spoilers are already underway and one of the new cards introduced to us by Wizards is Brokers Charm

Brokers Charm

Cards that give you multiple options are very popular and each of the five three-color allied shards gets their own Charm which always represents those three colors. Brokers Charm gives us a mix of a slightly improved Ambuscade, a Demystify and a Divination



There is also a new set of allied Triomes, which in addition to Pathways and slowlands (Deserted Beach), should make it fairly easy to run three-color decks.

Bant Charm

How good is Brokers Charm going to be is mostly going to depend on how easy it will be for the Bant colors to produce creatures that we can fight with. Previously, Bant Charm was excellent because one of its abilities allowed you to straight-up get rid of a creature from the battlefield. Brokers Charm’s Divination effect will be great for making land drops and Demystify also seems pretty useful in a format full of Sagas and cards like Wedding Announcement, but you want to maximize its potential by having all three modes matter. 

The Wandering EmperorShark TyphoonWrenn and SevenEsika's Chariot

The Bant colors can usually produce some creatures or tokens thanks to cards like The Wandering Emperor, Shark Typhoon, Wedding Announcement, Wrenn and Seven or Esika’s Chariot. If you can manage to consistently get access to a few creatures in the midgame, then I believe this Charm is going to be one of the better ones. 

That said, even just drawing two extra cards and occasionally killing a Jukai Naturalist already seems pretty good. I can imagine this kind of Bant deck will want to run cards like Farewell to control the board, which means that drawing extra cards to hit land drops is going to be extremely important.


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