How to Draft Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate

Drafting a commander set is a decidedly different experience than drafting a traditional Magic: The Gathering set. While drafting a traditional set, you get your three boosters, pick one card at a time while passing it around your pod (ideally a group of eight), and once everyone has picked through the packs you build a deck of 40. Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, like the original Commander Legends, adds some additional rules and considerations:

  1. You need to draft with the commander mindset. Legendary creatures matter, as you’ll have a legendary creature (and possibly a Background) in your command zone. You’ll want to pick a legend to build around at least relatively early in the draft!
  2. You begin with three boosters, but instead pick two cards at a time before passing. This helps you pick out your legendary creature and more reliably get cards that synergize with your commander!
  3. You build a deck of 60 cards, rather than 40, including your commander. This increases the variance of play by a lot (further replicating the Commander experience), and helps you make a home for all the synergy the double-picks let you find. 
  4. You play in groups of four. Commander games are traditionally multiplayer and a Commander draft is no different! Come in prepared to play some politics and to have to use your threat assessment capabilities. 



Take the Initiative

Drafting a commander set is a lot of fun, especially if you come in with a mindset prepared for multiplayer and higher variance play. The only other thing you really have to keep in mind is the newest version of the Dungeon mechanic, which can feel a little weird. It’s called The Initiative and functions as a combination of the Dungeon mechanic and the Monarch mechanic.

Dungeon of the Mad Mage Token (Oversized)The Monarch Token

When you first take the initiative, you venture into the Undercity dungeon. If you still have the initiative during your upkeep, you Venture again. However, if anyone deals combat damage to you, they steal the initiative (Venturing into the Undercity themselves when they do so). You then have the opportunity to attack them back and reclaim it! The initiative offers an incentive for being aggressive, so don’t be afraid to get into the red zone and draft your cards accordingly.

The Initiative // Undercity Double-sided Token


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