How to Build a D-Spirits Deck

As one of the most exciting new TCGs available, D-Spirits gives some unique deck-building opportunities to players who love brewing new decks. Cracking open a box of D-Spirits will give you more than enough to make a handful of decks, and the opportunity to build around key synergies and make big plays adds a satisfying edge to the process. Remember, D-Spirits has two decks (and an optional third side deck that won’t be employed here): the 15-card minimum, singleton D-Squad deck and the 10-card minimum Support deck. We’ll play with the minimums to increase our odds of getting what we want to play!

D-Squad Bombs

To begin with, it’s often best to pick your “bombs,” haymaker D-Spirits that you know you want to have in your D-Squad. These spirits are then what you’ll want to build the rest of your deck around. The most interesting cards that I pulled for my first deck are unquestionably the promo Knarlydawg, Gorgoyle, and Karensama. Knarlydawg and Karensama are both just generically powerful, but Gorgoyle has some synergies that we’ll want to focus on. 

Serious Synergy 

Gorgoyle wants to see earth types, so we start with the strongest earth card in our pile: Diamonite. We also lucked into some cards that synergize directly with Diamonite, so we include both Greedily and Golgoblin. We really want a critical mass of cards to discard to Gorgoyle, so we pick out te next best seven earth types in our box’s pool: Beetletera, Hyrannusaurus-Rex, Reefmin, Boldruff, Ugg, Oinkster, and Tuffpup. That makes half our deck primed to protect our main beater! Our last two of 15 slots go to just some straight value picks in the form of Frossbite and Blizzard- just some general goodstuff who are fun to play.

Being Supportive

We have our focus, so now we need to consider the best way to improve on it with support cards. Our D-Squad deck benefits from being able to control how fights go, and from having a full hand, so let’s add signs and signal cards that help us do just that! Greediness is an obvious inclusion with as many as the game will allow- in this case a full four copies because we want to draw cards as often as we can.

Shuffling away cards we don’t want is also valuable, so running a couple of Shuffle Artillery is a good choice- though we don’t want the full four-of, as multiple copies of this effect can feel quite bad. Finally we want to ensure that fights go our way, so we add the full two Spirit Break to make the numbers work in our favor, and finish with a pair of Stance-Change to really make a fight go sideways for our opponent. 

Focused Builds

D-Spirits really wants you to hone in on key synergies in your deck building and support those synergies as much as possible. Narrowing your focus to certain key cards, and finding the best ways to support those pieces, is the easiest way to achieve success in the game. Even better, with the decks starting out so small, you can fairly reliably draw into your important pieces, so you can feel even more comfortable with that narrow focus!

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