How to Beat Four-Color Omnath in Modern

When preparing for any tournament in Modern these days, one of the most important questions you can be asking yourself is “what’s my plan for the Four-Color Omnath deck”?

Tourach, Dread CantorBoilNarset, Parter of Veils

I’ve found that a lot of players have become stuck trying to answer this question, but the best way to figure out your plan is to understand Omnath’s role in the metagame. Omnath ‘s role is to be the “fair deck” that beats the other fair decks and creatures-based strategies. So while pilots of other fair strategies like Shadow, Murktide, Hammer Time and Azorius Control look to find sideboard cards for the matchup, the reality is that there isn’t any single sideboard card or plan that can help shore up your matchup against the Omnath variants. While there are some cards that help, like Tourach, Dread Cantor, Boil and Narset, Parter of Veils, the best plan in my opinion to beat Omnath is to switch strategies. 



Big mana decks like Titan, Tron, Wilderness Reclamation, Lotus Field and Cabal Coffers are all great choices to go over the top of the Omnath decks. Since the Omnath decks have slow clocks and little interaction that lines up well against these kinds of strategies, I usually find that these decks have a five to 10 percent edge in the matchup against Omnath. In a similar vein, decks like Belcher, Dredge, Crabvine, Living End, Rhinos, Oops All Spells and Storm are also able to navigate through Omnath’s interaction well for a favorable matchup. Surprisingly, Burn also has a favorable matchup against the Omnath decks, but can of course lose to a fast Omnath. 

While I do recommend choosing one of these decks to play, if your main goal is to have a good Omnath matchup, it’s still a totally valid plan to choose to play a different fair deck and choose to have an unfavorable Omnath matchup. Tournaments are about maximizing your overall win percentage; having one or two bad matchups is to be expected, and you’ll still be able to beat Omanth 40 to 45 percent of the time with a deck like Shadow, Murktide or control.


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