How to Beat Bant Blink in Historic

Have you been getting paired up against Bant Blink in Historic too much recently? Have you been wondering what a good anti-deck might be? I have a few tips for you.




Historic Lotus Field Control by Martin Juza


This is a sample deck list of a Strict Proctor, Stifle and Lotus Field deck from Untapped.gg. The idea is to play Lotus Field and use either Stifle or Strict Proctor to counter the sacrifice trigger. This ramps you up on mana and lets you cast more expensive spells ahead of the curve, like Torrential Gearhulk or, in this case, Approach of the Second Sun

The other use of Strict Proctor is to stop your Bant Blink and decks like Gruul Shamans from resolving all their enters-the-battlefield triggers, which sometimes means the deck just cannot function at all. Shamans can at least kill it with Shatterskull Smashing, but Bant just turns into a bunch of vanilla creatures with no abilities.

I like that this list only runs two Stifle because it can often be completely dead if you don’t high roll the right opening hand with Lotus Field.

Another card that can completely stop Bant Blink is Hushbringer



Historic Abzan Auras by Martin Juza


Again, this is a sample deck list pulled from Untapped.gg, but the idea is to play Auras, where Hushbringer can be your creature carrying all the enchantments in the right matchup. I don’t even think it would be unreasonable to play it in the main deck, though at that point it might be better to run Azorius with cards like Curious Obsession and Staggering Insight which can make it into a real threat even against decks without enter-the-battlefield triggers. 

At this moment, I like Orzhov better though because with so many Selesnya-based white creature decks, there are just too many Skyclave Apparitions around to justify playing Selfless Savior, which does absolutely nothing against those decks. Thoughtseize at least gives you a great answer for Collected Company or takes Apparition from their hand before they can play it. 

There are plenty of ways to fight against Blink, but make sure you don’t try to interact with them too much because that’s exactly what they want. To beat that deck, you need to either completely ignore it with a deck like Dragonstorm or stop them from doing their thing with cards like Strict Proctor and Hushbringer.


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