How to Beat Alchemy Runes with Izzet Dragons


Alchemy Izzet Dragons by Martin Juza




After all the all the recent bans and card rebalancing, I was wondering how to tune my Izzet Dragons deck for Alchemy, where Runes and Werewolves are currently the most popular decks. 

To beat Runes, you can’t just sit on removal spell and play a slow game because they will eventually start chaining Showdown of the Skalds and win in one turn thanks to Rune of Speed when you run out of removal.

Smoldering Egg // Ashmouth Dragon

I found Smoldering Egg to be pretty effective against these decks because it blocks early and when they are forced to start playing runes on their stuff, you can just use removal, flip it and ride it to victory. 

AnnulMind Flayer

But the real upgrade comes from the sideboard. Playing one-for-one removal just isn’t enough against a deck that is so good at finding Showdowns, so I added a full playset of Annuls and Mind Flayers! Feel free to make your creature really big, I’ll just steal it if you don’t mind…

For a full deck and sideboard guide, check out my Deck Guide coming soon!


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