How Do You Use The Meathook Massacre? – Preview Highlight

New sweepers are always worth taking a look at for Standard, and today we’ve got a rather unique one. Let’s take a look at The Meathook Massacre.




Wow, what an interesting card! My first thought whenever I see a sweeper is to think of it in the context of a control deck. This really doesn’t seem like that great of a card in that circumstance. Or does it? While it’s not going to reliably sweep against a big green creature deck, just because the mana cost becomes rather prohibitive, it might work maybe against a White Weenie or red aggro creature deck where you’re pretty happy to cast this for two on the fourth turn. The passive ability is actually nothing to scoff at. You may gain two or three life the turn you sweep and then an additional life every time you kill an opposing creature for the rest of the game.


Blood Artist

On the other side of the coin, Blood Artist, and cards like it have been a staple in sacrifice-style decks for as long as I can remember. This card is, for two mana, a Blood Artist without a body. This is a double-edged meathook, surely, as often times the final sacrifice involved the Blood Artist itself, but also it would make the strategy itself more resilient to creature removal and sweepers. Also, even in that kind of deck, sometimes the games go long, and having access to a card that can totally reset the board can never be too bad. This style of deck is the area where the fact that the card is legendary will be the biggest drawback, due to the inability to stack two copies for a machine gun effect.

This is one of the cooler and more interesting cards I’ve seen so far from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. I would venture to guess that it will for sure have a home somewhere, or multiple places, and figuring out where will be pretty fun. The Meathook Massacre is also an incredibly cool name. Props to the flavor team!


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