How a CFB Pro and TCGplayer Subscription Works

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There are so many new benefits to signing up to the combined TCGplayer and CFB Pro subscription. Biggest of all is bonus bucks, let me explain how it works.

Bonus Bucks

Bonus bucks are your reward for shopping at TCGplayer. When you sign up, you get 1% back in store credit on purchases over $35. After three months, that goes up to 2%. Then when you’re subscriber for a year, you get 3% back! There are also exclusive promos that stack on top of that, so you can earn even more back when you shop at TCGplayer.

Exclusive Subscriber Promos

Whenever a promo offers bonus bucks, like today’s Black Friday promo offering a whopping 15% back on everything, that stacks ON TOP OF your existing benefits. So if you join up now and make an order, you’ll get 16% back on any order over $35! There are more promos throughout the year, so in a few months you’ll be stacking even more on top. The Black Friday promo ends at 9PM Eastern today (Nov 25, 2022) so sign up now!

TCGplayer Black Friday subscription bonus bucks offer

Free Shipping & Tracking on Direct by TCGplayer orders

You can also make sure you have your order reliably, and quickly, with free shipping and tracking on Direct orders. Direct is TCGplayer’s in-house authentication and shipping service, making sure your card meets the high standards you expect, and gets to you safely.

CFB Pro Content

Of course, you’re here on ChannelFireball, so you might be interested in the awesome Magic content from LSV, Reid, Mengu, and the rest of our writing team. So on top of all that value, you get the best Magic content from some of the game’s top players. And once you get the rundown on what deck to play, pick it up on TCGplayer!

More to Come with Your Subscription

We’re adding new perks all the time, like the new CFB Xtra Newsletter that gives you the info you need to rank up on Arena every week, and early access to our YouTube videos right here on ChannelFireball. The TCGplayer and CFB Pro subscription is only getting better, so don’t miss out this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or in the future.

4 thoughts on “How a CFB Pro and TCGplayer Subscription Works”

  1. It’s easy. Step 1: live in the US. Not sure about the rest as I was born on the wrong half of the globe so CFB does not want me as a pro member 🤷‍♂️

  2. Former CFBPro Subscriber here. As an online-only player, I’d never use any of the TCGPlayer perks, making this package a “one for the price of two”.

    If you offered a $4.99 a month CFB Pro only subscription, I’d be interested.

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