Historic UR Wizards is Making Waves!


Historic UR Wizards by H0lydiva



This UR Wizards list from H0lydiva has been making some waves in the Historic format. I haven’t tried the deck myself yet, but my best guess is that the rebalance change on Symmetry Sage, making it survive burn spells like Unholy Heat and Flame-Blessed Bolt early on, is a big deal for your aggressive one-drop. 

Playing a spell every turn shouldn’t be a big deal in this deck, which pretty much makes Symmetry Sage comparable to a flipped Delver of Secrets. Speaking of Delver of Secrets, that’s another Wizard that could potentially fit in this deck, though you would need a few more double-faced land cards to get above a 50 percent chance to hit. 

Dreadhorde Arcanist (Timeshifted)Reckless ChargeWizard's LightningExpressive Iteration

The goal of this deck is pretty simple: play a few cheap creatures and finish off the opponent with burn spells while triggering your Wizards synergies. I like how Dreadhorde Arcanist already works well in this deck, but it gets even better with Reckless Charge, letting you flashback Wizard’s Lightning or Expressive Iteration

Ghitu LavarunnerSokenzan, Crucible of DefianceJegantha, the Wellspring

I would recommend cutting the Harmonic Prodigies and replacing them with more Ghitu Lavarunners to lower the mana curve even more and adding the fourth Reckless Charge to maximize your best draws. Sokenzan over a second basic Mountain should also be an upgrade and adding Jegantha as a companion seems worth losing the one sideboard slot to me as well. 

This deck won’t be great against decks with Lightning Helix and a lot of cheap removal, but unsuspecting opponents with slower decks can easily find themselves dead on turn four. 


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