Historic Temur Flash – Deck Highlight


Historic Temur Flash by Gui Cohen




One of the cool looking decks I noticed during the Historic Arena Open weekend was this Temur Flash list by Gui Cohen, who went 7-1 with it on day 2, securing the $2000 prize. While all the Jeskai decks are too busy trying to beat each other with Dovin’s Veto and Mystical Dispute, it sounds like a good idea to try to beat them with some flash creatures.


Nightpack AmbusherBrazen Borrower // Petty TheftShark TyphoonTorrential Gearhulk

Nightpack Ambusher, Brazen Borrower, Shark Typhoon and Torrential Gearhulk are all going to be extremely annoying for your opponent to play against because you can just sit on open mana and hold counterspells and if your opponent doesn’t do anything, you punish them with one of the flash creatures at the end of their turn.


Growth SpiralCinderclasmMagmaquake

I wish I’d seen this list earlier because I would have probably played it myself. It’s different so people aren’t ready for it and it looks fun. There are a lot of control decks at the moment that you can just out-mana with Growth Spirals and against aggro, you have cards like Cinderclasm and Magmaquake in the sideboard. 


RewindShifting Ceratops

Rewind seems a bit too ambitious to me because the format isn’t that slow and it’s especially awkward against Mystical Disputes after sideboard, so if you’re going to make some changes, this is probably a card you can easily replace.

Shifting Ceratops isn’t as great against Jeskai as it used to because of Unholy Heat, but this deck has so many creatures that your opponent’s Unholy Heats are going to be heavily taxed already, so it makes sense to bring them out of the sideboard and really try to aggro them out with creatures. 

This deck seems like a bit of a metagame call because you should be struggling against archetypes like Jund Sacrifice that have annoying permanents that you won’t be able to remove, but it seems great against control and slower midrange decks. 



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