Historic Simic Stompy – Deck Highlight


Historic Simic Stompy by Maxim Salmin

Decisive DenialNegate

Today’s deck, Historic Simic Stompy, was played by Maxim Salmin, who won the SCG Online Satellite just yesterday. He won using a Historic Mono-Green Stompy build splashing blue for Decisive Denial as well as a few more counters in the sideboard.

Yorvo, Lord of GarenbrigRhonas the IndomitableOld-Growth TrollSteel Leaf Champion

This makes quite a bit of sense to me in the current metagame. We’re seeing a lot of comboish decks like Taking Turns, Pact/Oracle decks and Gearhulk decks, but we’re also seeing a lot of Gruul Aggro decks. The counters will help against the former and having big green creatures will help against the latter. If you’re interested in going bigger than our opponent for relatively similar mana, cards like Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig, Rhonas the Indomitable, Old-Growth Troll and Steel Leaf Champion are the place to be.

I’m not surprised after seeing and thinking about this list that it ended up going 6-0. Congrats to Maxim, and if you’re looking for a deck to play in Historic, maybe give this a try.


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