Historic Rakdos Arcanist with Forgotten Realms – Deck Highlight


Historic Rakdos Arcanist by JMM



There was a lot of Jeskai Control in the Challenger Gauntlet, but I wanted to highlight this Rakdos Arcanist list from PT Kobe winner Jan-Moritz Merkel. Most of the deck is the usual stuff like Thoughtseize, Stitcher’s Supplier, Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger and Dreadhorde Arcanist itself, but Jan added some new cards from Forgotten Realms as well.


Den of the BugbearHive of the Eye Tyrant

Den of the Bugbear and Hive of the Eye Tyrant give this deck much-needed creature lands, as there isn’t usually a whole lot to do if you draw too many lands, outside of flashbacking Faithless Looting


Kolaghan's CommandFatal PushCling to DustShockClaim the FirstbornGo Blank

It may seem strange to run so many one-ofs like Kolaghan’s Command, Fatal Push, Cling to Dust, Shock, Claim the Firstborn and even Go Blank, but the logic behind it is that you’re seeing and milling a lot of cards and Arcanist lets you flash them back, so even one copy of a situational spell like that can be very relevant. 


Claim // Fame

Don’t forget that Claim // Fame lets you buff Arcanist’s power, so you can flashback even more expensive cards like Go Blank. 

This deck isn’t exactly something new in the Historic world, but if you were looking for an updated list for this archetype, I can definitely recommend trying this one out.



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