Historic Power Rankings – 6/2/21

There were four tournaments featuring the Historic format this weekend, you can check out the deck lists in the following links for this week’s Historic Power Rankings.



1. Izzet Phoenix


Once again, Izzet Phoenix is holding the top spot. Judging by reading Twitter posts from a lot of the Strixhaven Championship participants, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the most played deck.


2. Jeskai Control


Every Historic tournament I look at these days usually has Phoenix and Jeskai as the two most played decks and it makes sense. They’re currently the two strongest decks in the format and the results back it up.


3. Jund Food

Korvold, Fae-Cursed KingMayhem DevilTrail of Crumbs


Jund dominated the CFB Pro Showdown and I had the pleasure of watching it from the coverage seat. This included a very tense final game where the Jund player slowly grinded their way through Reid’s Teferis and Shark Typhoons and won with about a minute on their clock.

Jund currently benefits from the fact that nobody really expects to play against it. Take a look at Jeskai for example. They’re playing a lot of cards like Shock and Pillar of Flame, but Mayhem Devil is a 3/3 and if you don’t kill it, it’s just going to destroy your entire board. Similarly, Jeskai isn’t playing anything like Cast Out, so if you manage to resolve Trail of Crumbs, they’re usually just going to lose to it. 


4. Jeskai Taking Turns

Velomachus LoreholdTime WarpAlrund's Epiphany


At first sight, this deck might look like a brew that sometimes goes nuts when it gets the right draw, but it is actually pretty consistent and has a lot of good matchups in the field right now, because there aren’t really any combo decks that people would be targeting. 


5. Boros Midrange


At first, I thought this deck was just a fluke and just got some random ladder wins against other random decks. After playing with this deck a good deal myself, I can honestly say it’s actually pretty good, despite looking just like a pile of Standard playable cards from four years ago.


6. Gruul Aggro


I believe this deck can be built to be pretty good against both Phoenix and Jeskai, which in my opinion makes it a pretty solid pick.


7. Mono-Black Aggro

Knight of the Ebon LegionThoughtseize (Timeshifted)Inquisition of Kozilek


This deck was recently popularized by Brad Nelson and it also looks pretty solid. Fast, aggressive creatures combined with discard spells is always a fine strategy. The only downside is that discard isn’t particularly well positioned now that Brainstorm is the most played card.


8. Selesnya Company


A lot of creatures from this deck are pretty well positioned at the moment – Adanto Vanguard is great against Jeskai, Archon of Emeria is amazing against Phoenix and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is good against both. 


9. Mono-Red Aggro

Soul-Scar MageBomat CourierHazoret the Fervent


I saw Mono-Red put some finishes last week, which probably makes sense because this deck is also very much under the radar. At the same time, Lightning Helix is a pretty popular card right now, which makes playing burn spells quite unappealing to me.


10. Wild Card!


I spent way too much time trying to figure out what to put in 10th place, so I’m just going to leave it open. Given that a deck like Boros Midrange can suddenly crack the Top 5 of the Historic Power Rankings out of nowhere, I believe it’s very possible we’re going to see someone break it for the Strixhaven Championship. My wild card pick would probably be something like Temur Flash.



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