Historic Power Rankings – 6/16/21

We only got to play one big tournament with the Jeskai Turns combo and WotC already found Time Warp too powerful for the format and banned it right away. How does that change the format? Well, things are pretty much going back to what they were before the Strixhaven Championship. Expect to see a lot of Izzet Phoenix, Jeskai Control and just in general decks with Brainstorm and Steam Vents on this week’s Historic Power Rankings.



1. Izzet Phoenix


Phoenix is back to the top of the Historic Power Rankings and I don’t really see the top few decks drastically changing anytime soon. All the cheap card selection just makes this deck too consistent and very powerful at the same time. If you’re playing a Historic event and you don’t know what to play or maybe you aren’t even familiar with the format, Phoenix is a great choice. The highest winning Phoenix deck on Untapped.gg has a 59.2 percent win rate, and the archetype overall has a 57.9 percent win rate.


2. Jeskai Control


Jeskai Control being in second just confirms that if you want to win in Historic right now, just put Brainstorm and Steam Vents in your deck and build around it. You can’t really go too wrong with that strategy. As with any other control deck that plays a lot of answers, this deck rewards perfect understanding of the format and good read of the metagame. The most popular deck on Untapped.gg is currently sitting at a 65 percent win rate, with the archetype as a whole standing with a 56.1 percent win rate.


3. Jund Food


In the last CFB Pro Showdown, we saw Jund Food take down the entire thing, including beating Reid’s Jeskai Control in the finals. Mayhem Devil gives you a great card against creature decks, including Phoenix, which mostly plays a bunch of Shock effects and only one or two Lightning Axes. Trail of Crumbs can also just singlehandedly carry the game against Control. The most popular version on Untapped.gg is currently at a 53.6 percent win rate, with the archetype as a whole at 57.9 percent.


4. Five Color Niv


In the Strixhaven Championship, we saw that you can easily tune this deck to crush Izzet Phoenix, which makes this quite an appealing choice to me. There are plenty of ways to build this deck, including a lot of value cards like Hydroid Krasis, which are also good against control, so I’m quite hopeful there can be a good version of Niv that can just be good against most of the field. The highest performing deck is at a 55.8 percent win rate right now, with the archetype overall at 50.3 percent.


5. Selesnya Company


As long as Phoenix and Jeskai keep being the top decks in the format, I’ll keep telling you that Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Archon of Emeria are well positioned. The only downside is that this deck is generally quite weak to Anger of the Gods and that card is very popular in the moment.


6. Indomitable Creativity Combo

Indomitable CreativityElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteKoma, Cosmos Serpent


If you thought this deck was dead because Time Warp got banned, I have bad news for you. The core of the deck is still intact, you just need to find a different spell to try to hit with the Dragon’s trigger or a different big creature off Indomitable Creativity. There are plenty of options in Historic, including Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, Nezahal, Primal Tide or Koma, Cosmos Serpent. With the banning of Time Warp still being rather recent, the deck isn’t currently on Untapped.gg


7. Mono-Black Aggro


Mono-Black Aggro has been doing pretty well lately so I wanted to give it some credit. Fast aggressive creatures backed by discard and cheap removal are always a solid plan in any format, especially since you also have a creatureland now in Faceless Haven. The one downside is that discard is quite bad against Brainstorm, which is probably the most played card in the format at this point. Right now, the best-performing deck on Untapped.gg is at a 62.8 percent win rate, and the archetype sits at 58.6 percent.


8. Gruul Aggro


If you want to play an aggressive deck, Gruul is also a fine choice. What I like about Gruul compared to Selesnya is that with the riot creatures like Gruul Spellbreaker and cards like Questing Beast, you can even play around Anger of the Gods to some degree. Untapped.gg’s best listing has it at a 62.5 percent win rate and the archetype is at a 56.2 percent win rate.


9. Azorius Auras

Kor SpiritdancerCurious ObsessionDovin's Veto (Timeshifted)


I think I like blue Auras better than black, mostly thanks to the fact that discard is just not very good in a format dominated by Brainstorm. I also quite like Selfless Savior at the moment, which acts basically in a very similar way to Thoughtseize and helps you protect your turn two Kor Spiritdancer or Sram, Senior Edificer. Blue gives you access to additional card draw effects (Curious Obsession, Staggering Insight) and disruption in the form of Spell Pierce and Dovin’s Veto. Seeing as this deck is just reemerging, it’s currently not list on Untapped.gg yet.


10. Wild Card


Just like before the Strixhaven Championship, I’ll leave the last slot open on the Historic Power Rankings to demonstrate that there are still plenty of ways to try to challenge this format. Phoenix is nowhere near close to unbeatable and control is hard to tune in an unpredictable format. You can always exploit the facts that people are playing too many Angers instead of Wrath of God or too many cards like Dovin’s Veto and not a lot of ways to deal with resolved permanents.



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