Historic Orzhov Zombies – Deck Highlight


Historic Orzhov Zombies by Greg Kowalski




When looking through Untapped.gg for the latest metagame trends and win rates, I noticed this Orzhov Zombies deck with a 58.8 percent winrate between Platinum and Mythic out of 100 matches.

I believe this list comes from Greg Kowalski, who made a post on Twitter that he was having decent results with it. 


Champion of the Perished is one of those new cards that I really wanted to make work in a Zombies deck but couldn’t find the right mix myself. My biggest issue was that playing one-drops with five-mana cards like Liliana’s Mastery didn’t feel like the right way to build the deck, but it looks like this Orzhov list is working just fine by going midrange.


Return to the RanksCryptbreakerUndead Augur

This deck is fast, relatively resilient to removal and thanks to Return to the Ranks, can easily grind other decks out. 

Cryptbreaker works really nicely with cards like Lazotep Reaver and Dark Salvation as it provides you with those extra cards you need to make land drops to play your more expensive cards. It’s a very important card so make sure you play Champion on turn one and save Cryptbreaker for when you already have two other Zombies in play and you can activate it right away. Be careful to not randomly die to Undead Augur as well, as it’s ability is not a may. 

I don’t think is going to beat all the Tier 1 decks, but it’s something new and unexpected, especially this midrange grindy version with Ranks. 


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