Historic Mono-White Humans – Deck Highlight


Historic Mono-White Humans by Greg Kowalski




Today I chose to feature this Historic Mono-White Humans deck from Greg KowalskiI’ve seen multiple people mention this week that this is the kind of deck that they struggle against the most with their Jeskai decks, which is the deck that currently seems to dominate the format. 


Esper SentinelThalia, Guardian of ThrabenElite SpellbinderThalia's Lieutenant

The combination of Esper Sentinel, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Elite Spellbinder should definitely give them a lot of trouble. I’m not a huge fan of Esper Sentinel in decks that only use it for it’s ability, but in this deck, it fits the entire Human theme of the deck and gets pumped by Thalia’s Lieutenant and Rally the Ranks.


Maul of the SkyclavesRally the Ranks

I like that Greg is running Maul of the Skyclaves and Rally the Ranks over Benalish Marshal for some extra attacking power. Getting three white mana isn’t the easiest thing in the world with only 18 white sources, so it definitely makes more sense.


Ajani, Adversary of TyrantsContainment Priest

In the sideboard, I’m not convinced by Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants, but I’ll admit that I haven’t tried it yet. If you want a good planeswalker against Jeskai, I would recommend one of the three-mana Gideons that they can’t get rid of with sweepers or burn spells. 

Containment Priest is something I can imagine adding more copies of to the sideboard, as it’s great against the Indomitable Creativity combo and also Collected Company decks. 


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