Historic Merfolk with Jumpstart – Deck Highlight

Historic Merfolk by Jeff Hoogland



Historic Merfolk got a lot of toys in Jumpstart: Historic Horizons. Of note are Master of the Pearl Trident, Syvelun of Sea and Sky and Shoreline Scout.  Shoreline Scout is a really cool card, especially in a Blue/Green Merfolk deck, as it allows us to have a critical mass of Merfolk while also allowing you to cheat on lands.  


Collected Company

Merfolk decks have a strong history in Magic as one of the stronger tribes – so strong, in fact, that there have been periods of time when they’re even one of the better decks in Legacy. This is a Historic deck, relying on cheap aggressive Merfolk, plus a smattering of lords and a tremendous top-end in Collected Company. Collected Company decks are always super strong, albeit sometimes frustrating, but this particular deck has an obscene number of hits for Collected Company, making it very unlikely to whiff.

Jeff tends to build good decks, and if you’re looking for a Merfolk deck to try in the new historic format, this looks like a good place to start.


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