Historic Jeskai Transmogrify – Deck Highlight

Historic Jeskai Transmogrify - Deck Highlight


Historic Jeskai Transmogrify by Zach Kiihne


Zach Kiihne brewed up a Historic Jeskai Transmogrify deck that started Velomachus Lorehold mania! Everyone’s trying to brew decks with it now, both in Standard and Historic, because it has a very powerful ability that combos well with Time Walk effects.


TransmogrifyIndomitable CreativityVelomachus Lorehold


The game plan of this deck is to set up a turn four Transmogrify or Indomitable Creativity and get a Velomachus Lorehold into play. Thanks to haste, you can immediately attack and use its ability to look at the top seven cards, hopefully reveal a Time Warp and get an extra turn. Then, you can untap, play your fifth land and attack again, getting another trigger, hopefully finding another Time Warp or Experimental Overload, which would return the previous Time Warp from your graveyard and allow you to cast it and keep going. You can also just cast a Time Warp from your hand at this point to get another turn, another attack and another trigger.


BrainstormPrismari CommandDwarven Mine


The rest of the deck is some card selection in the form of Brainstorm and Prismari Command, which also gives you a Treasure for Indomitable CreativityDwarven Mine is also a great way to get yourself a free token that you can target with Transmogrify and get yourself a Lorehold instead. 

Overall, Historic Jeskai Transmogrify looks pretty cool and it’s exactly why I’m loving Historic at the moment. There are just so many different things you can be doing now and even an already working deck like this one still has plenty of room for improvement. 


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