Historic Jeskai Opus Control Post-Brainstorm – Deck Highlight


Historic Jeskai Opus Control by Arne Huschenbeth



When going over the deck lists from the last Insight Esports Historic 5k tournament in the post-Brainstorm world, I noticed a lot of people in the Top 8 on a similar Jeskai Opus Control deck. I picked Arne Huschenbeth’s list because Arne is a very experienced player and always has nicely tuned lists, but you can also go check out the rest of the Top 8 here. If you’re looking for some other Historic lists or want to see how the meta forms up after the Brainstorm ban, keep an eye of Untapped.gg as well.

Brainstorm was obviously one of the better cards in Jeskai, but it was in no way a critical piece. There are plenty of other ways to dig deeper into your deck and find what you are looking for. 


Magma OpusMizzix's Mastery

What I like about this list is that instead of the usual card advantage spells like Expressive Iteration, it goes for maximum power with what might be the best two-card combo in Historic at the moment: Magma Opus and Mizzix’s Mastery. The existence of these two cards alone is extremely scary for aggro decks because your opponent can just wipe out your board on turn three, leave a 4/4 token behind and draw two more cards for good measure.


Torrential Gearhulk

This list doesn’t actually play the full four copies of Mizzix’s Mastery, perhaps being a bit afraid of graveyard hate, and instead runs three Torrential Gearhulk. They’re always going to be at least a big flash creature, even if your opponent manages to get rid of your graveyard. 

I really like this approach at the moment. The loss of Brainstorm might have made blue decks a bit weaker because they won’t be as consistent anymore, but adding Magma Opus and Mastery/Gearhulk definitely adds some extra power instead.



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