Historic Jeskai Creativity with Jumpstart – Deck Highlight


Historic Jeskai Creativity by Zan S



Zan Syed just made the number one rank on Magic Arena with his new take on the Historic Jeskai Creativity combo. Now, I don’t want to call the format broken just yet because the rank just reset a couple of days ago because of the Jumpstart update, which means there are very few mythic people overall, but it does look like a very strong deck.


Indomitable CreativityHard Evidence

If you haven’t seen the Creativity combo before, the idea is that you make some Treasure or creature tokens, target them with Indomitable Creativity and get a big creature instead, previously Velomachus Lorehold or sometimes The Locust God/Sage of the Falls combo. Now, the Jumpstart expansion gave us Hard Evidence, which creates two tokens as easy targets for Creativity. It is also just not a horrible card overall, so unlike some other combo decks, you won’t get stuck in your hand with useless pieces if you don’t have the entire combo. 


Serra's Emissary

The other new card is Serra’s Emissary, which can give you protection from whatever the situation calls for. Usually, you’re going to get protection from creatures and if you can get both at the same time, the second should probably say instant or sorceries or whatever your opponent most likely has that can kill them.

This deck looks strong and it can definitely still be improved. Personally, I suggest adding a couple of lands. Look out for a full deck and sideboard guide soon!


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