Historic Izzet Epiphany – Deck Highlight


Historic Izzet Epiphany by Kenta Harane




Have you been playing Izzet Epiphany in Standard lately and now you’re wondering what to play in Historic? How about the same deck?

Izzet Phoenix is one of the best decks in the format, mostly thanks to Unholy Heat and Expressive Iteration, but it turns out you don’t really need to run any creatures to still make this deck competitive. Kenta Harane, member of the 2017 winning Japanese national team from a few years ago, decided to take the Standard version of Epiphany and turn it into Historic. 


Anger of the Gods (Timeshifted)Unholy HeatUnexpected Windfall

Anger of the Gods is a much cheaper sweeper than Burn Down the House and Unholy Heat is also a much better removal spell than anything that is legal in Standard, so those are two big improvements. Currently, there don’t seem to be very many decks running counters, so I don’t mind the Unexpected Windfalls either. 


Archmage's CharmShark Typhoon

Archmage’s Charm and Shark Typhoon give this deck a little bit of extra power and flexibility. It’s also important that Shark Typhoon adds another type in the graveyard for delirium if you want to cycle it for a token. 

One thing I can see changing is the playset of Spirebluff Canals. This is a deck where even lands six and seven are important to come into play untapped, so perhaps running Riverglide Pathways instead could make more sense. The mana is already pretty much perfect anyway, so it’s not like you really need another dual. 

Is this deck going to be able to challenge the Tier 1 decks? I’m not sure, but if you have been running this in Standard, it is relatively easy to transform it into a Historic version.


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