Historic Hollow One – Deck Highlight


Historic Hollow One by Mason Clark



The Jumpstart: Historic Horizons expansion is coming on Magic Arena this Thursday and one of the things on my list of things to try is Faithless Looting, Blazing Rootwalla and Hollow One


Blazing RootwallaHollow OneFaithless LootingDragon's Rage Channeler

This list from Mason Clark does exactly that and even adds Dragon’s Rage Channeler as another proactive play on turn one. I’m not sure if this deck is going to have enough delirium fodder without fetchlands though, so maybe you need to run some number of Fabled Passages or even cycling lands like Forgotten Cave, which are coincidentally also good with Hollow One because they make them cheaper to put into play. 


Arclight PhoenixLightning AxeSeasoned Pyromancer

Arclight Phoenix gives this deck another angle of attack and with Faithless Looting, Lightning Axe and Seasoned Pyromancer, you should definitely have enough ways to get it into your graveyard. 

It does look like a bit of a Arclight Phoenix/Hollow One mashup, where you might be trying to do too many things while not actually having enough support for either, but this is a great starting point to try the new cards and see if they fit together or not.


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