Historic Golgari Stompy – Deck Highlight


Historic Golgari Stompy by kiethverin




We know that Mono-Green in Standard is among the best decks, but how is it doing in Historic? Well, a variant of it in Golgari Stompy did exceptionally with kiethverin piloting it all the way to the finals in the Redbull Untapped Japan tournament.


Steel Leaf ChampionPelt CollectorCollected CompanyThoughtseize (Timeshifted)

If there’s one thing that Standard Mono-Green Aggro is lacking, it’s one-drops, and Historic has some of the best ones with Llanowar Elves and Pelt Collector making your aggressive curve start as early as turn one.

Steel Leaf Champion is a great creature to go along with Old-Growth Troll and Werewolf Pack Leader: two Standard staple.

On top of the curve we have Vivien, Arkbow Ranger and Collected Company, both of which gain card advantage and dodge sweepers. Vivien is excellent at turning your creatures into one-creature armies, and is especially good versus control decks that will try to answer your creatures one-for-one.

Thanks to Historic’s excellent mana fixing, you’re able to splash black without touching your green mana sources. In fact, this deck has 13 black sources, which is enough to play Bloodchief’s Thirst, Thoughtseize and Fatal Push. However, I’ll hold my judgment on the three Witch’s Vengeance – that’s too much of a stretch to me, especially in a matchup like Elves or Humans where you really want to cast your sweeper as early as possible.

All things aside, the Mono-Green Stompy beats don’t stop in Standard – you can keep giving them in Historic too!


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