Historic Dragonstorm – Deck Highlight


Historic Dragonstorm by Ken Yukuhiro


One of the most famous rogue deck builders, MPL member Ken Yukuhiro, submitted this Historic Dragonstorm deck for the Strixhaven Championship. Dragonstorm just entered the format a week ago in Historic Anthology 5 and Ken wasted no time and turned it into a deck.


Faithless LootingDragonstormMizzix's Mastery

Your goal is to use Faithless Looting and get a Dragonstorm into your graveyard, then use Mizzix’s Mastery on it on turn four and get yourself two Dragons.


Bladewing the RisenTerror of the Peaks

It gets better though. If you can also find a Bladewing the Risen early and put that one into the graveyard as well, then you can use Dragonstorm to fetch Terror of the Peaks and Bladewing the Risen. They both come into play, Bladewing deals four damage to any target and then brings back the other Bladewing from your graveyard.

The Legend Rule puts one of them back into your graveyard immediately, so you can use the reanimation trigger to bring back the Bladewing again. And again, and again and again for infinite damage. You can do the same if you discard Terror of the Peaks early as well by just fetching two Bladewings.


Prismari CommandFailure // Comply

The rest of the deck is mostly card selection to find your combo pieces. A card like  Prismari Command is especially useful right now since it helps you get a Dragon in your graveyard, digs deeper into your deck and can also destroy an artifact, which is very relevant right now thanks to the Indomitable Creativity decks being very popular.

One very cool thing I noticed is the Failure // Comply split card, which you can use as sort of a Remand, but also as a way to preemptively stop your opponent from being able to cast Dovin’s Vetos in the turn you’re planning to go off.

This deck looks really cool and shows you how much space there still is for creativity in Historic, though I will say that the one downside of this deck is that it seems to be very all-in on your graveyard, so playing against cards like Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void can be quite a challenge.


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