Historic Boros Burn – Deck Highlight

Historic Boros Burn by Christopher Pennell



Dragon's Rage Channeler

Today’s deck is Historic Boros Burn, played in the recent Hooglandia Open by Christopher Pennell. The deck knows what it wants to do and looks like it should do it well. Dragon’s Rage Channeler is a new addition to Historic and looks very strong in the deck, providing a power threat and some card selection.


The deck is chalk full of burn spells, including another new card, Static Discharge, which has a floor of three damage and if you get lucky, can deal more and more damage as you draw multiple copies. The deck has all the things a burn deck wants – cheap burn, cheap creatures that grow bigger from prowess and a little bit of late game punch with Lurrus of the Dream-Den as a companion.

If this is your kind of deck, this version looks pretty good to me. Give it a shot!



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