Historic Big Red – Deck Highlight


Historic Big Red by Mitchell Socks




For today’s deck highlight, I chose this Historic Big Red deck from Mitchell Socks who used it to go on a 30-5 run from Platinum to Mythic. It’s a pretty typical midrange deck with some removal, planeswalkers and value creatures. There are some changes I would make though.


Unholy HeatForgotten CavePillar of FlameSeasoned Pyromancer

First of all, you need to maximize the power of Unholy Heat. A playset of Forgotten Cave and maybe even a Fabled Passage or two should be a must. For the same reason, Pillar of Flame could be better than Magma Spray. This is definitely not a Faithless Looting deck, but I do like the four Seasoned Pyromancers which should help getting delirium a bit. I thought about a snow mana base with Faceless Havens, but it could get awkward with the Forgotten Caves.


Dragon's Rage Channeler

At first sight, I thought Dragon’s Rage Channeler doesn’t have enough support in this deck to get enough triggers and delirium quickly, but it’s probably fine. Unholy Heat and Channeler are two best cards in Historic, so any deck that gets to run a playset of each is good in my book.


GlorybringerRest in Peace

I think I would also Glorybringer over Goldspan Dragon and possibly Ox of Agonas. Getting to kill a creature for free seems better to me than the extra mana from a free Treasure. 

I like that the sideboard has the most impactful cards for almost every matchup across the board. You can add white and run the deck as Boros if you wanted access to some more high impact sideboard cards like Rest in Peace.

Overall, I think this deck looks pretty reasonable and reminds me of the Boros Midrange deck I highlighted and played a while ago, which also turned out to be a pretty good deck.


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